Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Soft Boiled-The Rest of the Story

I posted the first page of this old story below---now here's the rest of it. Interesting to look back on, I notice the usual mixture of things I cringe at and would change, plus things I now like better than I did at the time, having left the job too late and then having to rush it out at high speed...I also note how there's way too much text, which I could have ameliorated by lettering it at a smaller size. C'est la vie.
***IMPORTANT NOTE:PAGE SIX IS MISSING. I believe I sold it to someone years and years ago...I'm sorry I can't remember who. I'm trying to locate my copy of the printed comic but it's hiding from me in the bookshelves. If someone happens to have a scan of page six I'll gladly post it...or if by an even greater miracle someone out there reading this actually owns the page, I'd love to arrange to get a scan of it for my records, and also to post here!
**UPDATE: I found the missing for what it's worth, it's all there!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Secret Cat-Digital Paint

This is a section of an illustration recently done for educational publishing, to illustrate a children's story...I had the welcome request to do more images in the "painterly" style, after the art director saw some other images I'd done that way. I love comic-style work/line work, but also have an equal love of painting. But you can't focus on everything at once, so for most of my career I've tended to do comic/line style work. At any rate, inspired (as I mentioned before) by many of the current crop of digital magicians, when opportunity lends itself, I am trying to learn more about digital painting. I learn a lot from each attempt, I find, also frustrating myself somewhat in the process.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vortex Cover

I've probably posted this before somewhere, but another thing I came across over here in my pre-Fall Spring Cleaning: the cover I did for Vortex Magazine #8...very much inspired by Yves Chaland, especially his cover to the album "Adolphus Claar".
Posted for Daniel Lafrance, since he liked the Soft Boiled page I just posted.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Soft Boiled

Here's a scan of the opening page for a comic short story I illustrated back about 1984, written by Bruce Jones for the comic "Alien Worlds". I thought I had no record of it, but just found an old fullsize stat of it buried in the rubble (remember stats?). Inked old school--I used Pentel Brush Pens on it...long before everyone discovered inking with Pentel Brush Pens!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Avalanche-Digital Art

Hi folks--trying to get back in the swing of posting after a lot of recent hectic summer events! Will post more soon about TCAF, which was great--in the meantime, here's a jpeg of one illustration from a recent job--for educational publishing. The client request was "graphic novel style"--so I tried out all-digital this time, including the inking stage.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

TCAF Midway...

Here's the quick peek I promised at some new stuff I've been working on for TCAF and beyond. I've put together an updated sketchbook compiling some art from my earlier sketchbook, lots of new art from the blog, and unpublished drawings and sketches from some of my comics jobs. Here's the new cover, it's a smaller 6" x 9" format: I've also produced two "giclee" prints for sale in an 11 x 14" format--here is a jpeg of one of them: There's more stuff but I'll save that for another post! If you get a chance to come down to TCAF, it's turning out to be a great convention. There's one day left, today, Sunday the 19th...their web site with full directions is linked in my previous post.