Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Heinlein Art

This image is a little sentimental for me: it was one of the first pieces of art I ever had published. It was a great boost when it was accepted to be part of a "Tribute to Robert Heinlein" portfolio printed in the program book of the MidamericanCon (I think it was) science fiction convention...I had quite a struggle getting it done but I recall learning a lot, especially I remember labouring over trying to draw the hands as correctly as possible!

I always loved Heinlein's youth novels such as "Farmer in the Sky", "Starman Jones", and "Rocketship Galileo"...perhaps they may seem a little dated now, but they were a great thrill to read at the time! "Starship Troopers" made a real impression too...what a shame the title was ruined by association with the ridiculous film version made some years ago.


Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fantastic work ! I'm a big Heinlein fan !!

10:45 PM  

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