Thursday, October 13, 2005

Generation X

In the late 80's, before Doug Coupland became world-famous for writing the book "Generation X" and a series of subsequent novels, he was a staff writer at a startup publication here in Toronto called Vista Magazine. It never found an audience and died after a few years of struggle, but it served as a springboard for Doug to test his ideas out: he first wrote an article for the magazine about "Gen X", and then I was hired to join him in creating a series of short comics for the back of the magazine. In these comics he further explored and tested his ideas which soon after he was to include in his books. This is one of the first ones, a one-pager...we crammed a lot in because that's all the space we had.


Blogger Paul Rivoche said...

I guess we live in an increasingly trivial culture in many ways...

Internet addiction, very true. Immediately I thought of a story in read as a teenager, an old story by E.M. Forster called "The Machine Stops", which describes a society in which everyone retreats into coccoon-like electronic isolation...very scary and not unrelated to nowadays and our use of the internet, I thought.

So, ironically enough USING the internet, I searched Google on "the machine stops forster" and got a bunch of links including this one, turns out someone out there in the electronic hinterland had exactly the same thought:

Chilling indeed, I'll have to re-read it; that story and ones such as "The Country of the Blind" made a huge impression on me, years ago.

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